Children's Aikido

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Aikido is a Japanese martial art that does not emphasize striking or kicking to be promoted. Its non-aggressive nature makes it ideal during the formative years of a child. Aikido includes in its curriculum the traditional Japanese discipline of respect, industry and virtues that are much needed for a developing child. It's graceful movements help the child to develop his mind and body coordination in more enjoyable and less strenuous environment.

Aikido is philosophically based in self defense which has no emphasis on striking or kicking. It organizes movement logically and without force; and the distinctive feature of Aikido is that it works in harmony with the movements of nature.

Because Aikido emphasizes agility and precision before strength and force, it is considered an ideal activity for the young. It isn't necessary for you to be tall or strong. It's more important to move swiftly and gracefully. Aikido has been called the most gentle of the martial arts.

Ages 8-13 Kids classes are on going and are usually held on Sundays .
Please e-mail sensei if you have kids interested to participate .

We've temporarily discontinued our kids program as most of our regular kids are old enough to participate on the regular adult classes . Please email sensei if you are interested in the kids classes . We will reconsider reopening this if the demand is right .