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Chief Instructor and Kaicho

Joseph Sumalbag sensei started Aikido in Manila in 1992. He has more than 26 years of experience in Aikido practicing in different places (in South East Asia, Canada, United States). He is a former college instructor and an Information Technology consultant who used to travel a lot. During his travels he had the unique opportunity to practice and learn with several aikido schools and styles (Iwama, Yoshinkan, Aikikai, Shin Shin Toitsu, Aikido School of Ueshiba). He currently hold the rank of "Sandan" from the Aikikai and is a certified "fukushidoin" . Sumalbag Sensei currently trains and teaches under the guidance of Aviv Goldsmith (Aikikai Rokudan) , who is an Aikikai Shidoin.
 Assistant Instructors

Reden Balubar is a "yudansa" member of the Red Fern Budokai . He started his Aikido training in South East Asia and received his shodan rank from the Aikikai . Red assist serves as "sensei dairi" in the absence of kaicho. He currently works as a Physical Therapist in the Baltimore-DC region.

Jojo Nad is a "yudansha" member of the Red Fern Budokai . He started his Aikido training in 1987 in the Southern Philippines. He also trained in Korean martial arts of Tae Kwon Do where he recieved his shodan rank from the WTF. He returned to Aikido after a long absence in training. Jojo assist in training the special programs and received his Aikikai shodan rank in 2009.