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The word Takemusu is composed of two Kanji(Chinese) Characters "Take" (Martial -武) and "Musu"(Birth/Source - 産)
O'Sensei always used the word "Takemusu" in his humble dojo in IWAMA. To him, "Takemusu" techniques are spontaneous techniques from MU or nothing. He regarded TAKEMUSU as the highest level of Budo and the IWAMA dojo as the birth place of Aikido. O'Sensei considered this final form of Aikido to be attainable by anyone through constant practice.
Our Dojo is affiliated with the TAKEMUSU Aikido Association (TAA) who holds the same belief as that of the founder and strives with the same spirit and standards.
Most of the senior members of our organization can trace their lineage to O'Sensei through the late Morihiro Saito who was Ueshiba's longest time student and guardian of the AIKI shrine in Ibaragi Prefecture Japan.