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The Traditional Dojo

  It is not an arena for competition 
  It is not a venue to show off 
  It is not a venue to vent out your frustration in life 
  It is not a place for idle play 
  It is not a place for inflating ones ego 
  Nor a place to boast of one's skills 

   It is a place of learning 
   It is a place to correct your own mind 
   It is a place to meditate 
   It is a place to practice the way 

   When you enter, Bow down in respect 
   Leave behind the problems of the outside world 
   and immerse yourself in training. 
   This is the  way  you can have a time 
    well spent and never wasted

   Be respectful of all and be alert 
   Never engage in fruitless behavior that tend to destroy 
   its safety , harmony and peace 

   There is order in nature as there is also order in the dojo
   This is a necessity for learning 
   Learn the dojo's customs and  protocols 
   Respect it or leave the place

Gambatte Kudasai !